I never did it before so i went on with drawing viechles. But i prefer the aircraft. These jets/mechs/helicopters regroup around an aircraft carrier cargo ship to defend it and escort it to the destination. The Shark looking giant warship is called "The Killer Whale" ontop of its skin what looks like scales are missile storages. its wings turn downwards after being airborne so it basically just glides its way around the air. It uses the help of a engine near its tale just incase to gain more speed. Where the gills in a fish would be, theres a flare system to lead off missiles. The long nose is radar. The giant mech is just a doodle i did one day, but the robot is meant for quick sabotage missions. It uses its special Rocket engines on its shoulders to maintain high speeds, too quick to detect on modern radars, and quicker than the sound barrier! at both of his arms he has an attached flame thrower, So all he does is charge at enemies and burn them into a crisp before they even recognize he was there in the first place. Hes used to take care of armadas in quick minutes. But the fueling is the biggest sacrifice for this mech. The main helicopter is just a normal hind, With a radar guidance system, in this mission its to take care of any quick manueverable targets that others cant lock onto. The helicopter in the back is just a standard... The giant ship below the main helicopter is a "Turtle-065" It is a cargo ship capable of carrying 3 trips worth of equipment in one trip. Downside is its speed, meaning it will have to be protected by many other aircraft, Just like this situation.